Your CaraMOM Called

This scone will drive you nuts! Made with dark chocolate and cardamom, it’s topped with a citrus cardamom glaze, toasted hazelnuts, and a chocolate-covered hazelnut. And guess what? They are VEGAN FRIENDLY! What??!!

Scone of the month

Want Scones?

Want to level up your birthday party, special event or a business meeting you’re not looking forward to? We have you covered! With orders at $35 a dozen AND with FREE DELIVERY, (within Eugene and Springfield, OR) we strive to bake you happy. We also offer vegan friendly options for most of our flavors!

Want to sell our scones at your business? Check out our wholesale page for more info. Have scone Q’s? Check out our FAQ’s.

We're taking a short baking break

We won’t be offering delivery from September 11th – October 8th. You’ll just have to wait a few short weeks for our glorious scones to be back in your life. Go ahead and pre-order for when we return!