Scone Flavors

We have 4 standard and amazing flavors. Each month we highlight a new flavor to rock your socks off. Watch out…things could get messy. Each order comes with 12 scones. Choose up to two flavors per box. Vegan friendly option available for most flavors. 

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Nice to Matcha

July’s scone blends the earthy richness of matcha icing with the sweet, juicy burst of fresh strawberries inside, and we’ve added white chocolate for good measure. Don’t miss out on this incredible flavor combination!

Scone of the month

Sassy OG

We can’t remember when or why but it was the first sourdough scone we made. It sets the bar pretty high. Tart Cherries and a “why not just drink me” almond icing. You’ll never be the same.
Vegan friendly add $5

Sassy OG Cherry Almond Sourdough Scone

Berry Berry Sassy

We packed this scone with yummy delicious raspberries and blueberries then topped it with a tangy citrus glaze! It’s perfect for those not-too-sweet fans out there and might make you think your eating something healthy! It has fruit in it…it has to be healthy, right?! Right???!!
Vegan friendly add $5


Orange You Sassy

Apparently, there are lawyers who are sensitive to using a certain orange vanilla ice cream bar name. Fine. It’s orange. It’s vanilla. It’s delicious.
Vegan friendly add $5

Orange You Sassy Vanilla/Orange Sourdough Scone

Felonious Sconious

Dark and milk chocolates with Butterscotch chips topped with salted caramel. It’s criminal.

Felonious Sconious - Butterscotch chips, salted caramel, dark and milk chocolate - sourdough scone
We're taking a short baking break

We won’t be offering delivery from September 11th – October 8th. You’ll just have to wait a few short weeks for our glorious scones to be back in your life. Go ahead and pre-order for when we return!