The Women Behind the Scone

Women ran and owned, SassyPants is a team of local ladies kicking a$$ and taking names… for the love of scones of course. We make sure all of our baked goods are jammed packed with flavor and will have you making an embarrassing “oh dang, these are the best scones I’ve ever had” face. You know the one. Your eyes roll back and you feel like you’ve been in the presence of something holy. 

Our OG baker and creator of Sassypants Scones is Eugene’s beloved former morning show host, local Eugenian and grandmother to a baby that looks curiously similar to a mini Boris Johnson… Liz Kelly of Mix 94.5 a.k.a Sandi Black. She puts the sass in the pants and creates the mouth watering, blow your socks off treats you can’t believe are sugar, fat and gluten free. JUST KIDDING! These suckers are full of all those things.

Our second in command is Veronica Nelson, multi-talented Creative Director, owner of Supernova Creative Studio and the pants behind the sass. When she’s not dreaming up new and innovative ideas for our brand and marketing, you can find her whipping up a storm in the kitchen. With a passion for cooking and an eye for design, she infuses her dishes with the same creativity and flair that she brings to her work. With her unique blend of culinary and creative skills, she’s truly a force to be reckoned with.


Absolutely not. Our scones come from a sourdough starter that has been around since 2020. Then we add in all the ingredients that make things taste good.

Yes! Most flavors can be baked without using any animals products. 

Yes! Fill out the ORDER FORM and we will reach out via email or phone number.

After you select and submit your yummy order you will be directed to pay via Paypal. 

Scones come in boxes of 12 and cost $35. That’s only like 3 lattes so it’s quite the bargain. 

You can choose up to 2 flavors per box of 12. Don’t get greedy, we’re throwing in the extra sass for free. 

You sure are special. And we are happy to talk about how we can help with a big order, ordering on an off day or making a special flavor for your special occasion. 

We're taking a short baking break

We won’t be offering delivery from September 11th – October 8th. You’ll just have to wait a few short weeks for our glorious scones to be back in your life. Go ahead and pre-order for when we return!