Nice to Matcha

July’s scone blends the earthy richness of matcha icing with the sweet, juicy burst of fresh strawberries inside, and we’ve added white chocolate for good measure. Don’t miss out on this incredible flavor combination!

Your CaraMOM Called

This scone will drive you nuts! Made with dark chocolate and cardamom, it’s topped with a citrus cardamom glaze, toasted hazelnuts, and a chocolate-covered hazelnut. And guess what? They are VEGAN FRIENDLY! What??!!

Lady Lemonberry

Take a bite of Lady Lemonberry, countess of scones. This citrusy mistress is adorned with plump blueberries, delicate cream cheese and crowned with a tantalizing lemon drizzle. You’ll bow down to these bluetiful flavors.

Tango My Mango

This scone will sizzle your fizzle with these fresh and spicy flavors. We packed this month’s scone with fresh mango and a touch of habanero and topped it with lime icing and candied mangos. Buckle up, because this scone is here to add some caliente to your life.$35/dozen

Sconan O’Brien

Get ready to add a dash of charm to your day with our Irish cream, coffee, and chocolate scone, topped with candied ginger! Why settle for a pot of gold when you can have our your taste buds dancing a jig with Sconan O’Brien!

Box of Love

Box of Love

Level up your February with our BOX OF LOVE. This delicious sass symphony is so fab, it will make Cupid jealous – because who needs arrows when you’ve got Sassy scones? Boxes come dressed in a cute bow and heart shaped card! Adorbs! 💞 $40/dozen | $22.50/half dozen You can also add any of these […]

Everything Everywhere All At Once


Our scone of the month has has just about everything. We took a vanilla scone and topped with peanuts, coconut, pretzels, M&M’s and covered it in chocolate. It’s everything you want in a scone all at once in your mouth!

The Sam Elliott

Our scone of the month is full of delicious ‘stachios! In honor of the man with the best ‘stach in the PNW, we’re naming this deliciously delightful scone the Sam Elliott. If you don’t know who he is, look him up, you’ll see what we mean. Plus it’s ‘No Shave November’. It pretty much wrote […]

Boo’s Your Daddy?

This month’s flavor is spook-tacular and way ahead of the carve. This pumpkin scone is topped with vanilla chai and white chocolate glaze, a gourd-geous combination of flavors. Get your order in now and pumpkin spice up your week!


This month’s flavor will get you up before you go-go. With luscious vanilla topped with an espresso glaze and finished with a chocolate covered espresso bean, words cannot espresso how much you’ll love this perfect blend.

We're taking a short baking break

We won’t be offering delivery from September 11th – October 8th. You’ll just have to wait a few short weeks for our glorious scones to be back in your life. Go ahead and pre-order for when we return!